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Posted by Beatriz on

It’s not a secret that handmade, unique, personalized jewelry draws great attention and makes us look amazing. It’s a definite ‘conversation starter’ and you know that you are supporting a local artist and not a cookie-cutter manufacturer in an overseas country.

So, needless to say, I got very excited when I started working on my new line of necklaces! My inspiration comes from the vibrant colors of spring and summer and the designs found in flowers and nature in general. Overall, I like simplicity, a single pendant making a statement of beauty and charm. The abundance of hues makes it easy to complement any outfit, framing our neck line and bringing out notes of elegance and style.

My second and most inspiring ideas came directly from my ceramic ice pieces, the core of my company. It was actually looking at them when I got the thought of making the necklaces. So many people tell me that they are small pieces of art, so unique and full or character, that I said why not making jewelry? So here I am, enjoying the process. As this is so new, they cannot be found on my webpage, but you can contact me directly and I will be happy to create your new favorite piece. 


We Olive

Today I’d like to talk about a really cool place in Austin: We Olive. Even the name is catchy, yet pretty self-explanatory. They have not been around for more than a year or so, and they are already a destination not only for olive oil lovers but micro-brew beer and wine fans too (I am with the latter category-ha!) They have [...]

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​Containers, Canisters and New Paelleras

I am expanding my collection even more! Which is really great, because I love adding more items to my broad selection. My latest creation is the Olive Canister for my good friends at La Bodega Gourmet. The container is keeping the same style as the ‘paelleras’ and trays, giving an additional Spaniard flare with the word ‘Aceitunas’ (‘olives’ in [...]

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My new kiln!

February has been such an exciting month for Ceramic Ice! Besides my wonderful customers keeping me busy with tons of Valentines orders, I finally got my own kiln. (Insert a picture of me doing a small celebratory dance here).One of the advantages is that having my own kiln in my studio will allow me more time to work on [...]

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Vom Fass

One of my first clients when I started my business here in Austin was Vom Fass. Their tagline is ‘Look- Taste- Enjoy’ which sums up what you feel when you enter the store.They have gorgeous displays of oils and vinegars, wine and spirits, and an entire line of gift baskets and sampler sets. Kristin and Chris, their owners, embrace the [...]

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Working with Clay

Today, when I was grabbing a smooth lump of clay I started thinking of the different ways artists use the ceramic material to fashion their creations. There are many techniques to work clay that do not involve the pottery wheel. All these methods are the result of different skills and the outcome is beautiful designs with signature styles. The [...]

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A Toast to You

We all enjoy the ritual of toasting, clinking glasses to celebrate a joyful occasion: a New Year full of promises, an engagement, anniversary, promotion, wedding. Or just to have a tiny moment where happiness is spontaneously shown. Sometimes toasts are started with formal speeches, sometimes a single smile would do . It can be a large gathering or just [...]

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Paelleras and other new products

After a while I start getting the itch for creation of new items. I have been making ceramic ice cubes, trivets, coasters and wine stoppers for a while now, and even if they are favorites of mine, I need to bring something new to the table (no pun intended!).A good customer of mine, the owner of La Bodega Gourmet [...]

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One of my favorite stores in downtown Austin is Hacienda. Not only they have an amazing taste but they are also friendly and very easy to work with. I have been selling my pieces in Hacienda for almost a year now and we have a fantastic relationship. Their style is rustic, but yet modern and inspired in the classic [...]

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What Valentine's Day is all about

What women appreciate the most for Valentine’s Day is the effort their guys put behind a gift. Is it romantic? Is it personal? Is it special? Typically how much money the item costs does not matter as much as how much time and thought it took to pick it among all the possible gifts. A cousin of mine bursted [...]

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