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More About Valentine's

Today I’d like to share with you a very special Valentine’s Day order I got from a stylish store downtown Austin. What was so special about it was the freedom in creativity that I was given, which I love! My client asked me to create hearts, whatever shape (as long as they resembled hearts it was all fair game), [...]

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Preparing for Valentine's Day

So exciting, love is in the air! However, giving (or receiving!) the perfect present can be tricky…A good friend of mine was complaining that for every Valentine’s she has received the same gift from her husband: a box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers and a card. The chocolates are disrespectful to her diet, the flowers die after a [...]

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Custom orders

Something I enjoy tremendously is when I get a custom order. It means that someone is letting me know a bit about themselves or their loved ones. Last month I received 14 custom orders from a single client, she really wanted to give a unique, personal gift for everyone on her Christmas list. After the New Year, she told me [...]

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​A gift for every occasion

When it comes to gift purchasing, we can say that there are two groups of buyers: the ones that put a lot of thought… and the ones that don’t. Because, we all know, the item does not have to be expensive, it just has to be special. It does not have to be big and [...]

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​Champagne flutes get an extra chill

We all know that champagne flutes have their shape for two main reasons: the tall, narrow bowl to maintain carbonation and avoid flattening; and the long stem to prevent people from holding and warming up the glass (and the drink!). Lukewarm champagne is just not pleasant. Imagine being able to maintain your drink chilled the [...]

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Those perfect gifts...

I believe that everybody, at some point in life, needs to buy the perfect gift. Personal. Unique. Something that would stand out. Something that would tell the person we took our time to find a great present. And even better if it's at the right price. That's the core of my customers, the ones searching for a wow [...]

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Ceramic Ice for every occasion

I was looking at my latest display of ceramic pieces in one of the stores in lovely and trendy Austin, and thought 'how nice it is to be able to offer something for those that 'have it all''. You want to celebrate Austin? Check. You want to give something unique? Check. You want to buy a personalized gift? Check! [...]

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