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A Toast to You

Posted by Beatriz on

We all enjoy the ritual of toasting, clinking glasses to celebrate a joyful occasion: a New Year full of promises, an engagement, anniversary, promotion, wedding. Or just to have a tiny moment where happiness is spontaneously shown. Sometimes toasts are started with formal speeches, sometimes a single smile would do . It can be a large gathering or just a party of two.

The exact origin of this tradition is unknown, although there are evidences of people rising their cups in ancient times to ask for health and wealth from the gods. Some Roman literature describes how toasting was an obligation for the guests of an official party; and in the dark ages, sharing a single cup for a communal toast was customary.

The expression ‘to toast’ was originated by the 16th Century. It meant to literally add a piece of toast to a cup of wine. The flavor of wine was more acidic than today’s standards, and adding a small piece of toasted bread would help absorbing the acidity and improve the taste. As better wine was needed to celebrate, all the cups had a piece of toast before the toast, hence the name.

The piece of toasted bread was lost along the way but the beauty of the ritual stayed with us. Now, with my ceramic pieces we can go back to adding something to our flutes and glasses before the toast, but this time something beautiful and unique, cheers!