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My new kiln!

Posted by Beatriz on

February has been such an exciting month for Ceramic Ice! Besides my wonderful customers keeping me busy with tons of Valentines orders, I finally got my own kiln. (Insert a picture of me doing a small celebratory dance here).

One of the advantages is that having my own kiln in my studio will allow me more time to work on my pieces as I won’t have to be driving around to take them to kilns all over Austin.

The other benefit, actually the most important one, is the control I gain over the whole process. Imagine working on an artistic creation from the conception of the piece to the shaping of the clay, from the details of the design to the color combination, all to then lose control and having to trust that the firing-temperature-timing of the kiln is done right. It’s nerve-racking. I have been fortunate enough that only a few times my pieces were ruined, but I do cherish the idea of start-to-finish creations.

And… my new kiln is just awesome! I have put the first batch, and the colors are of an extraordinary quality. In old kilns the temperature is not necessarily balanced, so the heat does not reach the top and the bottom at the same rate as in the center. Now that’s all in the past!

On top of that, all the controls are digital and automatic, which means even more time for what I love the most: creating, painting, imagining designs, and visiting my great clients!