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Paelleras and other new products

Posted by Beatriz on

After a while I start getting the itch for creation of new items. I have been making ceramic ice cubes, trivets, coasters and wine stoppers for a while now, and even if they are favorites of mine, I need to bring something new to the table (no pun intended!).

A good customer of mine, the owner of La Bodega Gourmet in Austin, challenged my creative drive with a request that it's very close to home: paelleras. Being from Spain I grew up savoring the most exquisite paellas, so his request was most welcome. I started working while reminiscing on those festive dinners with friends and family, with the aroma of rice and seafood, good wine and better company. It has been many years since my childhood, but my hands just knew how to create them. At the end I was very pleased with my work; the request was not only for the paelleras, but also matching salad bowls, cheese trays and champagne chillers.

Next time you go to La Bodega Gourmet, enjoy the true flavors of Spain and check out this new collection, I am sure you will have a great experience, buen provecho!