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We Olive

Posted by Beatriz on

Today I’d like to talk about a really cool place in Austin: We Olive. Even the name is catchy, yet pretty self-explanatory. They have not been around for more than a year or so, and they are already a destination not only for olive oil lovers but micro-brew beer and wine fans too (I am with the latter category-ha!) They have great tasting rooms where people not only have the chance to enjoy the best flavors but also learn about perfect pairings of small production wines with exquisite treats such as artisan cheeses, salamis, tapenades and many more gourmet delights. We Olive is always searching for those boutique wines and craft beers that cannot be found in large retail stores, allowing their customers to discover delicious, yet unknown options.

It really is a welcoming place, good for spending time with friends on the search of the perfect flavor or unique gift. That’s were my pieces are such a great match! Nothing in their store is mass produced, they are all about supporting small growers, hand-crafters and local artists. But, quality is a must too, only the best is welcome to We Olive. Debra Roberts, the owner, and her daughter Angela, are passionate about their business, their partners and their clients. I felt immediately welcome since day one, inviting me to have my own display in their busy shop. As so many people visit them, We Olive has become one of my best clients.

Next time you want to have a great time in Austin, bring your family and friends to We Olive, located in the Hill Country Galleria 12800 Hill country Blvd G-130 Bee Cave.