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What Valentine's Day is all about

Posted by Beatriz on

What women appreciate the most for Valentine’s Day is the effort their guys put behind a gift. Is it romantic? Is it personal? Is it special? Typically how much money the item costs does not matter as much as how much time and thought it took to pick it among all the possible gifts. A cousin of mine bursted into tears because her husband gave her a necklace for Valentine’s. What’s wrong with that? Well, that she HATES necklaces. Simple as that. Was this necklace expensive? Yes. Beautiful? Probably so. Thoughtful, not really.

My collection of Ceramic ice pieces would be so perfect for those clueless guys! Just look at these creations, they are all hand-made with exclusive designs, no cookie-cutter stuff. Also, they are bursting with romantic undertones, and at the same time none of the pink fluff that is so overdone. 

You have so many to choose from, and not two are the same. Each one is an individual thought, an idea that flows to my hand and becomes forms and colors unique to that piece. And, as always, if you would like to see something in particular, let me know and I will make it happen.