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What is Ceramic Ice?

They are ceramic whiskey stones that keep cold or hot your favorite drinks


How do you use the whiskey stones?

copa2-180x300.jpgTo chill your beverage, keep the ceramic whiskey stones in the freezer about four hours, and then place them inside your glass. The cold temperature of the ceramic whiskey stones will maintain the ideal temperature of your drink, without changing its flavor or consistency.

On the other hand, if you would like to keep your beverage hot (coffee, tea, etc.), you just need to microwave the ceramic piece a few minutes and then put it in your drink…it’s that easy!

You can reuse them again and again.

Unlike other whiskey stones products, Ceramic Ice offers beautiful handcrafted ceramic whiskey stones that enhance your drink with a unique touch, which can be further personalized with your name.



Shown in a Martini glass



Shown in a Champagne flute



Shown in a White Wine goblet



Are they safe?

escena-300x242.jpgThese ceramic whiskey stones are made out of clay, especially created to be used with china and glassware.

The Ceramic Ice whiskey stones are entirely safe to use, from the materials used to manufacture them, to the cleaning and freezing process.

The glazes used on the ceramic whiskey stones are lead-free, and non-toxic. They are as safe as a common household china plate or ceramic mug. They can be hand-washed or put in the dishwasher.



How are they made?

How are they made

 The making varies depending of the shape and final design, including size, shape, color and carving.

All the products are hand made, one by one, from the first step -kneading the clay-, to the design with glazes. Once the desired shape has been obtained, the clay is set to dry before firing in the kiln at 2,900°F.

After the firing, the second glaze is applied decorating the ceramic whiskey stones freehand, which will give each ceramic piece its own uniqueness.

The whiskey stones are finally fired in the kiln at an even higher temperature than before. Some of the pieces will be fired up to three times, depending on the design.


In a few words…

in-a-few-words.jpgIt keeps your favorite drink at an ideal temperature.

It does not affect the flavor of your drink.

It can be used over and over.

It is not toxic or allergenic.

It is 100% handcrafted in USA.


Details on how to use it

To Chill

to-chill.jpgGently hand-wash with dish detergent, or put it in the dishwasher.

Let the pieces cool before freezing, they can be placed anywhere in the freezer.

For the piece to reach its coldest point, it will need to be placed in and out of the freezer two or three times.

Once frozen, carefully place the ceramic piece inside your glass and then pour your drink, to avoid spilling.

For larger drinks more than one ceramic piece can be used. On average, one or two pieces are enough for a glass.

After drinking, tilt your glass to retrieve the ceramic piece, wash it again and freeze before re-using.


To heat up

calentar-300x231.jpgGently handwash with dish detegent, or put it in the dishwasher.

Place the ceramic piece on a small plate and microwave. The heat that your piece will absorb will depend on your microwave.

Hold the piece with an oven mitten and gently place inside the cup, tipping it slightly. The ceramic piece will radiate heat, heating up your drink.

The ceramic pieces are solid, so they don’t float.